Almost Everybody Loves Me
The People Who Run This Site

Well, there are people who run this site. Actually there's one, that's me. But, since I steal alot of my material, I feel I should pay homage to the people I steal from. All the ideas are mine, I just take the pics. I'm bad, I know. But hey, it's alright for my first site. I mean I didn't even know html when I first came to make it. But you know this site wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for Mel. She, after all, is the main subject of this site. Anyway I'm long winded and I'll stop jabbering now.

CREATOR: Whitney Chandler
ARTISTIC IDEAS BY: Whitney Chandler

Have a drink and enjoy the site. Better yet, enjoy life, it's short.

That concludes my salute to the people who make this site possible. You be careful now :-)